About Us


Byonerga offers waste cooking oil collection services for restaurants in the greater Montreal area. We also service food and meat processors the worldwide for tallow, fat, and run-off waste products which we convert exclusively to highest-impact environmental applications like biodiesel and biolubricants. 

We are MAPAQ certified, permit RC-020, ref: 1862275-001-1 to recycle biological waste under the strictest environmental regulations of Canada and worldwide. 


Our service is totally free including the installation of containers and the collection of the oil. Not only that, we pay you and offer the best and highest rate for your oil and other bio-waste products.

All our client restaurants receive our Byonerga Green Certification. 


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Address: 2995 Sartelon, Montreal, QC, H4R 1E6, CANADA 
Telephone: +514-385-4888 | Fax: +514-385-6472
Email: info@byonerga.com