Our Residential Service

Our Residential Oil Collection Services

We are now offering a NEW!! Residential service: Oil pick up for condominiums and apartment buildings. Find out if your building is a member of our CONDO program. Save on plumbing and filtering costs! Save your drains and prevent clogs. Dispose of your waste cooking oils in our safe, bio-containers and we'll make sure your waste oils are recycled and not dumped into our rivers and water sources. 

Download our Brochure or view it here.

Call us today at 514-385-4888 to enroll your condo complex or apartment building or sign-up here and a customer representative will contact you shortly.

We accept all VEGETABLE OILS. No Motor Oils or solid greases.


How it works

It's easy:

1. Tenants will find our waste cooking oil recycling bin next to the other recycling bins at your building. We provide the bin.


 2. Your tenants drop your waste cooking oil into our recycling container. They don't need to pour it, they just drop it into the bin with the original container. 


3. A Byonerga truck and accredited recycling technician comes by and empties the bin when its full.