The first complete system that provides a single source solution for the removal of waste cooking oil with a push of a button.
  • Used Cooking Oil Collection Systems

    SIMPLE. SAFE. SECURE. * Save on workers compensation claims. * Save and improve facility cleanliness. * Save an average of 40-60 hours a month in disposing of used cooking oil.
  • Direct Pump-out System

    If your fryers are not equipped for a filtration cart, our waste oil pump station is the solution for you!
  • Enclosed Waste Oil Tank

    150 gallon capacity and made for minimal impact on footprint space.
  • We pay on the spot.

    No hassles, no worries, and we pay you top dollar on your waste cooking oil. Make money and protect the environment all at once.
  • Fueling the future responsibly

    We convert waste cooking oils into renewable fuels for a cleaner tomorrow. If you run a restaurant sign-up today and start making money. It's easy.
  • A Healthier Future

    Get certified 'green' with Byonerga and make money on your waste cooking oil. Sign-up today!


A Cleaner Environment
Recycling of waste cooking oils is an important component in Biodiesel production. An estimated millions of tons or fossil fuels are saved each year from waste cooking oil and animal by-products that would have otherwise gone to waste.
A Healthier Future and Better Food
If you're not recycling your waste cooking oil you're disposing of it. This pollutes water, clogs drains and creates biohazards. Animal by-products used to be reused into animal feed; by providing the industry a lucrative alternative, livestock are eating healthier and as a result so are you!
Cost-Savings & Revenue
Not only will we pay you top dollar for your waste cooking oil; we will save you on costs you would have acquired from disposing of it. 
It's simple!
No contract required. We leave the appropriate container with you: 55 gallon drum. Once they're filled, call us and we come by to collect within 24 hours. We pay you at the time of collection. Its' that simple!

How it Works

It's easy.


Sign up and register with us.

We leave a barrel.

You fill it with your used oils.

We collect.

We come by periodically and collect.

You get paid!

We pay you for your waste oil.


Byonerga offers a waste cooking oil collection from the restaurants in the greater Montreal area which we convert exclusively to highest-impact environmental applications like biodeisel and biolubricants. 

Our service is totally free and we pay you the best rate for your oil and other bio-waste products. All our client restaurants receive our Byonerga Green Certification. Find out how you too can participate. MAPAQ permit RC-020, ref: 1862275-001-1.

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